Your Guide to Rejuvenated Skin with Jorovi™ Derma Roller –

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Dermatologist-Tested Skincare Solutions
The Jorovi Beauty Set is Your Easiest Path to Beautiful Skin.
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Specialized Guidance for Optimal Care

🌿 0.25mm: Gentle Beginnings

  • Purpose: Enhanced serum absorption and a tender introduction to derma rolling.
  • Frequency: Up to twice per week.
  • Areas & Concerns:
           Face & Neck: Elevating serum absorption and gently refining the skin's texture.
  • Benefits: Delicate stimulation suitable for beginners and those with sensitive skin, fostering gentle revitalization.


🌿 0.5mm: Balanced Care

  • Purpose: Addressing initial aging signs and mild texture inconsistencies with mindful engagement.
  • Starting Frequency: Once a week.
  • Adjustment: Gradually increase to twice a week or extend the interval between sessions based on skin response.
  • Areas & Concerns:
        Face & Neck: Aiming at fine lines and moderate skin texture improvements.
       Scalp: Supporting follicle vitality and mitigating hair thinning.
       Benefits: Effective and mindful care, offering a harmonious blend of gentleness and efficacy.

🌿 1.0mm: Deep Nurturing

  • Purpose: Intensively engaging with the skin to address prominent wrinkles, scars, and body concerns.
  • Frequency: Once every 4-6 weeks.
  • Areas & Concerns:
  • Body: Addressing concerns like stretch marks and enhancing firmness and texture.
  • Face & Neck: Profoundly targeting deeper wrinkles and more noticeable scars.
  • Benefits: Profound engagement with the skin's regenerative processes, suitable for those experienced with derma rolling.


Guiding Every Step of Your Journey:

  • Embarking with Care: Start with 0.25mm to gently familiarize your skin with derma rolling, ensuring a smooth and nurturing introduction.
  • Progressing Mindfully: Move to 0.5mm after ensuring a positive and consistent experience with 0.25mm, always respecting your skin’s comfort and response.
  • Navigating Deeper Waters: Engage with 1.0mm only after positive and established use of smaller sizes, navigating deeper into your skincare journey.
  • Intrinsic Care: Uphold stringent cleanliness, apply gentle and soothing post-session products, and unfailingly observe sun protection.